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"Safe" levels of dust exposure pose CVD risk

Occupational exposure to several forms of respirable dust, including at levels considered safe by regulators, increases biomarkers associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD), with some risk markers showing no signs of recovery after holiday periods, a study has found.


Manslaughter charge; New injury dispute system; and more

  • Manslaughter charge laid after forklift death;
  • Transition time allowed for new WHS clauses in ACT; and
  • New injury dispute system sidesteps "unethical" decisions in Vic.

Worker sacked by text in COVID-isolation dispute

A Fair Work Commission full bench has upheld an appeal by a worker who claimed his employer took unlawful adverse action against him by sacking him because he followed COVID-19 isolation orders.


Expert insights on tackling the sick leave epidemic

With a horror cold and flu season upon us, and COVID-19 making its rounds again, Australian workplaces have experienced an unparalleled rise in sick leave. Investing in wellbeing-focused initiatives aimed at reducing sickness is one-way employers can lessen the pressure of absenteeism, says a leading business expert.


Stronger OHS enforcement and NDA crackdown locked in

Plans to restrict the use of non-disclosure agreements for workplace s-xual harassment cases, in Victoria, appear unlikely to be accompanied by recommended OHS changes allowing unions to initiate civil remedy proceedings for safety breaches, and making workplace harassment a notifiable incident.


Worker faces jail for alleged COVID recklessness

A worker could be jailed for up to five years and fined heavily, after being charged with recklessly endangering others by attending work after testing positive to COVID-19.


HSR conspiracy theorist loses misconduct and mask case

The Fair Work Commission has upheld the dismissal of a long-time Australia Post employee who breached mask rules and ignored multiple reasonable directions not to return to a client's workplace, after complaints he was spreading COVID-19 conspiracy theories.


Injury appeal denied after unreasonable transfer push

A commission president has rejected an appeal from Bunnings Group Ltd, upholding the finding that it unreasonably pressured a worker to take a transfer and aggravated her psychological conditions following the death of her mother and cousin.

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