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Preparing worksites for impending flu peak: expert advice

Australia is expected to see a surge in flu, respiratory syncytial virus and COVID-19 cases over the next few weeks, and hygiene services experts have called for businesses to protect themselves and their employees by creating safer and more hygienic work environments.


PCBU admits to recklessness in Cassaniti case

In only the third case of its kind in NSW, a PCBU has pleaded guilty to recklessly breaching the State's WHS laws, in relation to the death of a teenage worker in a scaffolding disaster - an incident that led to new safety standards and calls for tougher enforcement.


Major company fined for seatbelt breaches; and more

  • Company fined for seatbelt-related safety breaches, another charged;
  • WA responds to roadwork fatalities with Code and devices; and
  • Alleged scaffolding breaches led to death in Vic.

WHS and procurement shift flagged with ABCC cuts

The workplace health and safety standards required of companies tendering for Commonwealth-funded building work could be extended to other procurement areas, under the Federal Government's plan to transfer many of the Australian Building and Construction Commission's powers to WHS regulators.


Lack of enforcement leads to fatality and $375k fine

A PCBU has been fined $375,000 after a truck driver was killed by reversing plant in a container yard, with a judge rejecting the company's claim that the likelihood of the risk eventuating was low.


Worker's illness didn't justify vaccine non-compliance

A paramedic who claimed she was unable to comply with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate because of her "flu-like symptoms" has been blocked from pursuing her late unfair dismissal claim, with a Fair Work Commission full bench finding her illness was not a valid reason for her late application or her vaccine non-compliance.


COVID support initiatives reduce stress, improve wellbeing

The COVID-19 support initiatives an Australian health service implemented for its workers had an overwhelming positive impact on wellbeing, with more than three-quarters reporting improvements to their mental health and ability to cope with pandemic-related stress and anxiety, a study has found.


Employers fined for COVID breaches, ignoring WHS concerns

One of the growing number of employers charged with COVID-related workplace health and safety breaches has been sentenced in Victoria. In Queensland, a PCBU has been fined after its failure to act on safety complaints led to a worker suffering serious wrist injuries.

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