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WHS prosecutions flagged for psychosocial breaches

A WHS regulator has committed to utilising all its compliance tools, including statutory notices and prosecutions, under a new three-year plan to tackle psychological risks and hazards.


PTSD claim established by worker trapped in lift

A worker who was trapped in a work lift for more than an hour has proved she sustained post-traumatic stress disorder from the ordeal, with a commission rejecting her employer's "attack" on her medical records.


What employers must do to reverse the mental health impacts of "modern work" and COVID

The Black Dog Institute has called for employers to implement organisation-level measures like "problem solving committees" to facilitate job control, and to allow for a "steady post-pandemic workplace transition". It warns that two decades of "seismic changes" have adversely affected workers' mental health.


Another COVID safety charge laid; and much more

  • Another duty holder charged with COVID safety breaches;
  • Individual fined $50k for carbon monoxide failings; and
  • Traumatic brain injury attracts penalties for PCBU, director.

Burnout mitigation strategies vary between job types

Burnout is commonly associated with cognitive or mental employment demands, but it also affects those with high physical workloads, and can be exacerbated by certain kinds of off-the-job physical activities, researchers have found.


Training failures negligently caused $500k injury

An employer negligently caused a worker's injuries by failing to properly train his co-worker on a task variation, a court has ruled in awarding the worker nearly $500,000 in damages.


Five steps for managers to prevent burnout in teams

The number of workers requiring mental health support more than tripled last year due to unprecedented work fatigue, increasing the pressure on supervisors and managers to prevent burnout in their teams, according to a clinical services specialist.


Outdated anti-bullying policies highlighted in FWC case

The Fair Work Commission has given the parties to a stop-bullying application the choice of two "pathways", after hearing an employer with an outdated anti-bullying policy reacted to a worker's complaints with a threatening "my way or the highway" directive.


Should your business mandate COVID vaccines for workers? A Q&A on the key WHS considerations

With public health restrictions set to ease in NSW and Victoria under COVID-19 vaccine rules, and recent regulatory action and a workers' comp ruling highlighting obligations around infections, employers need to determine whether to mandate or just encourage workforce vaccinations, a senior employment lawyer says.

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