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Duty holders fined over falling objects and explosion

A company that failed to implement a proper inspection regime for the overhead cranes in a building it leased to a business has been fined for WHS breaches, after debris fell from one of the cranes and struck a worker. Another company has been fined for a string of safety and dangerous goods breaches identified by an investigation into a worker's serious burns.


Complex systems and workplace abuse linked to suicidality

In a report providing important lessons for all employers and workers' compensation schemes, the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide has highlighted the link between complex claim systems and poor mental health outcomes, and the "ongoing and often devastating impact" of workplace abuse that arises from "hyper-masculine cultures" and other factors.


Workaholics and their employers must beware back pain

The risk of lower back pain (LBP) associated with workaholism differs depending on the level of work engagement felt by the employee, a study has found. The authors say that by improving job resources to increase engagement, employers can avoid the high levels of absenteeism associated with LBP.


Controlling the psychosocial risk of vicarious trauma

Vicarious trauma is emerging as a "very prominent psychosocial hazard" in workplaces, which employers are expected to control as with any other psychosocial risk. An expert panel of WHS and mental health professionals has highlighted ways duty holders can address this "silent hazard" with prevention, intervention and recovery tactics.


Bench upholds ruling on "negligible" WHS breach, swearing

The dismissal of a long-serving worker was unfair and disproportionate to his misconduct, a Fair Work Commission full bench has found, upholding a ruling that his breach of a safety protocol created a "negligible" risk.


Workplace racism caused injury, Supreme Court confirms

A superior court has confirmed that a worker who was exposed to bullying and racist taunts by a colleague suffered a compensable psychological injury, rejecting his employer's claim his pre-existing mental health issues blocked his access to benefits.


PCBU sentenced over death, deserved $300k-plus fine

A manufacturing company that used its own personnel to perform a high-risk maintenance task, without obtaining appropriate safety equipment or expert help, has been convicted and fined $100,000 over the death of a worker in a 6.5-metre fall.

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