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Drug overdose death caused by workplace injury

A worker who witnessed two traumatic scenes at work suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression - a syndrome that destroyed his "power of volition" and was causally linked to his suicide, a tribunal has ruled.


Appeals court overturns key rulings on payments to dependants in fatality case

In an important ruling for a workers' compensation scheme, an appeals court has overturned two earlier decisions, and ruled that weekly payments to partial dependants of killed workers can be increased, and unemployment benefits can be considered, in reviews of weekly payments.


Reach of important injury ruling explained by DP

A tribunal has found that a previous full-bench ruling on what constitutes surgery for workers' comp purposes is not exhaustive or "even relevant to each case", and stressed that "penetration of the body is not always involved".


Desk worker predisposed to falls wins injury dispute

A white-collar worker's pre-existing predisposition to knee "instability" did not mean her employment could not be considered a significant cause of the injuries she sustained while rising from her chair at work, a tribunal has found.


Death in overseas hotel gym was work-related

A worker's fatal heart attack, while using a hotel gym on an overseas work trip, arose from his employment, a tribunal has ruled in awarding his widow workers' compensation.


Employer told to pay for new hip after science claim fails

A worker is not required to prove to "scientific satisfaction" that his heavy lifting at work caused or contributed to his hip osteoarthritis for his employer to be deemed liable, a tribunal has found.


"Suitable employment" duties clarified on appeal

An employer's duty to provide suitable work for injured employees does not extend to previously injured workers whose incapacities have ceased, a tribunal full bench has confirmed in an important case.


Employment significantly contributed to car park incident

A tribunal has rejected a submission likening a worker's injuries from being run over in a work car park to an aneurism that happens to occur at work, but is not connected to employment in any meaningful way.

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