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Employment significantly contributed to car park incident

A tribunal has rejected a submission likening a worker's injuries from being run over in a work car park to an aneurism that happens to occur at work, but is not connected to employment in any meaningful way.


Virus-work link established, employer liable for claim

A judge has found there was a "compelling temporal connection" between a worker performing duties in the rain and the onset of his viral symptoms and incapacitating fatigue.


Injured worker wins case in wake of High Court ruling

In one of the first judgments on a controversial compensation provision since the High Court dismissed a regulator's case on the issue, a worker has been permitted to "combine" his impairments from a back injury and a bowel condition.


Injured worker ordered to attend examinations, pay costs

An injured worker has been ordered to attend medical assessments requested by his employer and a regulator, and to pay them costs for acting unreasonably and making ambiguous claims about future surgery.


"Kafkaesque" investigation aggravated Crohn's disease

An employer's conduct during a nine-month misconduct investigation against a worker subjected her to severe stress and aggravated her long-term chronic bowel disease, rendering her bowel surgery work-related, a tribunal has found.


Injections deemed surgery in important work injury case

Injecting synthetic fluids into a worker's injured knee can be considered surgery covered by compensation laws, a tribunal full bench has confirmed in an important ruling on medical definitions and expenses.


Injured worker not required to prove 51% surgery odds

Assessing the "likelihood" of an injured worker requiring a procedure is not a "more likely than not" determination, a tribunal has found in upholding a worker's bid for future surgery costs.


Drug trafficker retains weekly work injury payments

A "totally incapacitated" worker who was awarded nearly $320,000, before being found guilty of trafficking methamphetamines and accused of an "even more egregious" act, has been granted ongoing compensation, after her former employer challenged her entitlements through breach-of-mutuality provisions.

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