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Injury Bill tackles "claim farming" and terminal benefits

In an Australian first, the practice of workers' compensation "claim farming" will be banned, under an Amendment Bill that also curtails the impact of a Queensland judgment on benefits for workers with terminal conditions.


Responsive measures too late for overworked worker

An employer took quick and "responsive" steps after a worker complained of not coping with her workload, but its efforts to mitigate her "unattainable" and injury-causing load came too late, a commission has found.


Unexplained interruption blocks fatal-journey claim

A worker's fatal complications from car crash injuries, sustained on a journey from his workplace to his home, did not arise out of his employment, a court has found in upholding an appeal.


Senior manager denied damages over performance meeting

An employer's common law safety duties to workers do not extend to rigidly abiding by disciplinary and performance management procedures, a court has found in rejecting a manager's bid for damages.


Unsafe manual handling demands cost employer $769k

A worker had been awarded nearly $800,000 in damages, after claiming his employer's "just get it done" attitude and failure to send for more personnel to help move a heavy object caused his debilitating back injury.


Training failures negligently caused $500k injury

An employer negligently caused a worker's injuries by failing to properly train his co-worker on a task variation, a court has ruled in awarding the worker nearly $500,000 in damages.

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