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High Court ruling defeats worker's pain claim

A major employer's liability for the aggravation of a worker's back injury ceased when the work-related component of her condition resolved, a tribunal has ruled in referring to a High Court judgment, and rejecting the worker's claim that looking down at work contributed to her incapacity.


Judgments, guide show reach of admin-action exclusions

Tribunal decisions have shown that reasonable management actions, which often block psychological injury claims, can include actions not detailed in legislation, according to new guidance for decision makers.


Injury-causing actions deemed reasonable

A team leader's occasionally "less than polite" correspondence with a worker, who developed a psychiatric condition, did not constitute bullying or unreasonable administrative action, a tribunal has found.


Employer slammed by FWC for "dropping" injured worker

A commission has ordered a large employer to compensate a worker it dropped "like a hot potato" as soon his workers' comp entitlements ceased, blasting its "disappointing and disturbing" failure to inform itself of its obligations to workers who can't work because of injury or illness.


Gastric surgery deemed non-compensable after bullying

An employer has been found not liable to pay for a psychologically injured worker's gastric sleeve surgery, which she claimed she obtained to control her diabetes after work stressors caused her blood sugar level to double.


Excessive sitting claim dismissed

A tribunal has rejected a worker's claim that he developed a back injury from prolonged workplace sitting. The worker contended his case was supported by his employer's safety documents on sedentary risks, and a failure to provide him with an adjustable desk in a timely manner.


Wilful misrepresentation claim against injury fails

An employer's efforts to block an injured worker's access to compensation irrelevantly "verged on seeking to identify a contribution by [the worker] to his circumstances", a tribunal has ruled.


Parasitic infection found to be work-related

An employer has been found liable for the debilitating complications of a worker's parasitic disease, which he contracted while deployed to a remote area without any training, personal protective equipment or health checks.

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