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Q4 2014 - Special anniversary quarterly update

The final quarter of 2014 was a busy three months for workplace health and safety and workers' compensation, with major legislative changes and other developments in all jurisdictions. What did you miss?


New safety regulations commence

New safety laws have taken effect in most jurisdictions this month, while some planned regulations have been scrapped.


First ACT employer enters EU under model WHS laws

An employer will spend $625,000 on a web-based induction platform and other safety initiatives as part of the first enforceable undertaking accepted under the ACT's mirror WHS Act.


Regulator issues internet warning after asbestos scare, flags WHS amendments

The inadvertent use of asbestos-containing materials is likely to increase as employers turn to the internet to source cheaper materials, according to the ACT Work Safety Commissioner, who has also outlined measures being put in place to ensure the safe demolition of more than 1000 "Mr Fluffy" buildings.


Q3 2014: What you need to know from July, August and September

In this update, OHS Alert examines the most important workplace safety and workers' comp news from the third quarter of 2014, including Safe Work Australia's controversial decision to dump draft Codes of Practice in favour of guidance packages, and other legislative developments.


Widespread non-compliance recorded in safety blitz

A safety blitz on a subset of the ACT's most dangerous industry has identified widespread non-compliance with the Territory's mirror WHS Act, and caught one employer ignoring a formal prohibition notice.


First entity fined under ACT's mirror WHS laws

An employer that relied on an experienced contractor to ensure the safety of a structure, which collapsed and injured a number of people, is the first entity to be fined under the ACT's mirror WHS laws.


First "reckless conduct" charge under model WHS laws

An employer and a worker have been charged with the most serious of offences under the model WHS laws, for reckless conduct leading to an employee's death.

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