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Court clarifies safety duties to experienced workers

Employers are not required by workplace health and safety laws to "hold the hand" of experienced workers, but must take steps to ensure they have the skills to spot risks and select safe work methods, a court has found in upholding a worker's damages claim.


Employer's heart program played causal role in death

A major employer that sent an executive to a "well-intentioned" but unnecessary and not risk-assessed workplace health check "causally contributed" to her death, a coroner has found.


Breach of OHS duty to resident attracts $220k fine

An employer has been convicted and fined $220,000 for "serious" departures from its legal duty to non-workers, in the lead up to the suicide death of a youth in its care.


Dept fined for violence breaches; WHS guides out; more

  • Department fined for violence-related safety breaches;
  • Three interpretive guidelines released for WA's WHS Act; and
  • Scrutiny warning issued ahead of industrial manslaughter session.

Worker's hazardous manual handling claim dismissed

A court has rejected a worker's claim his employer negligently provided him with faulty equipment that forced him to adopt injury-causing postures. It found his symptoms arose from the "general physical nature" of his duties, not any acts of negligence.


$500k fine imposed after fall exposes history of breaches

An employer has been convicted and fined $500,000 for multiple workplace safety breaches, after an investigation into a 4.5-metre fall found it engaged in unsafe height practices at five sites.


Another COVID safety charge laid; and much more

  • Another duty holder charged with COVID safety breaches;
  • Individual fined $50k for carbon monoxide failings; and
  • Traumatic brain injury attracts penalties for PCBU, director.

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