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WHS notices on violence controls stayed by IRC

A major government employer has successfully stayed two WHS improvement notices aimed at its violence prevention processes, with a commission finding the notices could be overturned, and having to comply with them in the meantime would not be fair on the employer.


Worker exposed to excessive vibrations awarded $1.5m

An employer has been ordered to pay nearly $1.5 million in damages to a worker with white finger syndrome, for allowing him to operate machinery with dangerous vibration levels for far more hours per shift than advised by engineers and safety guidelines.


Employer not liable for drunk co-worker's act in unit

An employer is not liable for a worker being urinated on by an intoxicated colleague, but companies do have a safety duty to protect personnel from "unpleasant" interactions in accommodation facilities, a superior court has found.


PCBU fined over seven years of recklessness

A PCBU has been fined $240,000 for its "reckless" approach to dust control over a period of nearly seven years, which appears to have resulted in at least four workers developing the deadly lung disease silicosis.


Structure designer failed to act on WHS complaint

An upstream WHS duty holder's failure to properly respond to safety concerns raised about a structural design resulted in a worker sustaining physical and psychological injuries, a court has found.


WHS charges deemed defective in latest road-project case

One of several PCBUs charged with WHS breaches on a notoriously troubled infrastructure project has successfully challenged the complaint, with a court finding the complaint is too defective to be saved by amendments or the provision of particulars.


WHS penalty increased, "unintelligible" ruling quashed

A judge has increased an employer's WHS fine nearly three-fold on appeal, stressing that a worker's injury-causing "stupidity" occurred in the context of the employer's failure to separate pedestrians and mobile plant, and slamming a magistrate's "almost unintelligible" remarks on the matter.


High Court ends dispute on WHS entry rule

A regulator has warned that union officials must hold valid right-of-entry permits when entering sites under provisions for "resolving" WHS matters, after the High Court blocked an appeal on the issue.

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