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Forfeit order and WHS fine follow Standard breaches

A man has been fined for category 2 and 3 WHS breaches and ordered to forfeit unsafe plant for destruction, after two of his patrons were seriously injured.


Reckless disregard shown for remote teenage worker

A man has been convicted of two category-1 WHS breaches - the first reckless conduct convictions recorded in his jurisdiction. After he was sentenced, a regulator slammed his workplace's stoic culture and the inaction of witnesses to a teenage worker's serious burns.


Fatality leads to High Court ruling and $120k WHS fine

In a case involving a four-year legal battle and High Court ruling on the reach of WHS laws, a PCBU has been convicted and fined $120,000 over the death of a patron in a ballooning incident.


WHS charges upheld in notorious perlite-fatality case

A PCBU has unsuccessfully contended its fatality-related WHS charges should be dismissed for being "ambiguous" and "prolix". A superior court found the particulars of the charges clearly accused the PCBU of failing to ensure workers complied with safety rules for confined spaces, and creating the risk of almost certain death to any worker who fell because of that failure.


One WHS charge upheld, one struck out, in fatality case

A PCBU allegedly failed to enforce safety standards and created a culture of non-compliance that led to a fatality, a judge has heard in upholding the business's WHS charge. However, the judge struck out a complaint against the business's co-defendant.


PCBU fined over contractor fall; Stope kills worker; more

  • Admin-control warning issued after PCBU fined;
  • Managers warned after vehicle falls 25m, kills operator; and
  • SA launches asbestos blitz, suspends another licence.

COVID-19 training mandated for sector; PCBU fined; more

  • COVID-19 hygiene training mandated for WA work sector;
  • New worker killed by high-hazard task, PCBU fined; and
  • Individual fined over powerlines injury, COVID-19 reduces penalty.

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