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Unlikely but fatal risk attracts $250k WHS fine

A PCBU that contended it had never witnessed or heard of the possibility of a sequence of events, which killed one of its workers on a National Broadband Network site, has been convicted and fined $250,000, after a judge agreed that "the likelihood of the risk occurring was low".


PCBU, officer failed to control risk created by third party

A PCBU and an officer have been convicted and fined for their inadequate safety systems, which failed to protect a worker from a falling truck load that had been packed poorly by another company. The worker sustained fatal injuries.


Post-incident actions deemed admissible in WHS case

A judge has rejected a PCBU's claim that evidence on the changes it made to its systems of work after a forklift incident is not relevant to the WHS proceedings against it, and should be excluded.


PCBU fined $665k, seemingly incapable of rehabilitation

A PCBU that failed to take any precautionary steps against hazardous weather conditions has been handed a hefty WHS fine of $665,000, after a vulnerable worker sustained devastating crush injuries.


PCBU fined $450k over death at poorly marked site

A PCBU that failed to address poorly marked and impeded pedestrian walkways, or implement the recommendations of a traffic management review, has been fined $450,000, after a delivery driver was dragged under a vehicle and died.


Fatality fine upheld in ruling on imputed WHS conduct

A PCBU fined $400,000 over a fatality has unsuccessfully argued, in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal, that a supervisor's unsafe conduct cannot be attributed to it under WHS laws because he deliberately disobeyed his instructions.


"Impressive" rectifications reduce confined space fine

A narrated video presentation tendered in the NSW District Court outlining a wide range of improvements to safety procedures has helped a PCBU reduce its WHS penalty, in relation to an 18-year-old employee passing out in a confined space.


Apprentice injured in superior's absence, director fined

A PCBU and its director have been fined $150,000 and $15,000 respectively, after unsupervised apprentices were allocated a high-risk task, which injured one of them, when a qualified technician took sick leave.

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