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Duty holders fined over falling objects and explosion

A company that failed to implement a proper inspection regime for the overhead cranes in a building it leased to a business has been fined for WHS breaches, after debris fell from one of the cranes and struck a worker. Another company has been fined for a string of safety and dangerous goods breaches identified by an investigation into a worker's serious burns.


Bench upholds ruling on "negligible" WHS breach, swearing

The dismissal of a long-serving worker was unfair and disproportionate to his misconduct, a Fair Work Commission full bench has found, upholding a ruling that his breach of a safety protocol created a "negligible" risk.


PCBU sentenced over death, deserved $300k-plus fine

A manufacturing company that used its own personnel to perform a high-risk maintenance task, without obtaining appropriate safety equipment or expert help, has been convicted and fined $100,000 over the death of a worker in a 6.5-metre fall.


Duty holders fined over safety imbalance and violence

A government department and a charity, which discouraged workers from seeking refuge in an office in violent situations, have been fined for workplace safety breaches after multiple workers were assaulted by a violent child. Both parties admitted the balance of care was "tilted too much in favour of the [child's] welfare".


PCBU fined heavily after failed undertaking bid

A PCBU that unsuccessfully attempted to enter a WHS undertaking, to avoid prosecution over a worker's severe foot injuries, has been convicted and fined $300,000, with a judge finding its attempt to install and commission a machine in an ad hoc manner was "inviting trouble".


Post-incident upgrades don't save PCBU from conviction

A PCBU has been convicted of WHS contraventions resulting in an employee's arm becoming entrapped in an unguarded conveyer belt roller, with a tribunal rejecting its claim that no conviction should be recorded because of the remedial measures it implemented after the incident.


Routine work task linked to multiple fatalities, injuries

With the seemingly low-risk task of mowing grass causing multiple workplace fatalities in Australia, a coronial inquiry into one of the deaths has called for ride-on mowers to be fitted with gradient alarms, and for a safety regulator to publicise the rollover risk of the machines.

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