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Office worker's hearing loss was employment-related

A white-collar worker has been awarded lump sum compensation and the cost of hearing aids, after a tribunal found her office environment was noisy enough to cause noise-induced hearing loss.


New regulatory Code with control hierarchy tackles inappropriate workplace behaviour

Higher level safety controls for inappropriate or unreasonable workplace behaviour include adjusting staff levels for peak periods and setting achievable targets, according to a draft Code of Practice from Western Australia. Meanwhile, a regulator has issued alerts on lightning strikes and autonomous vehicles.


Safety strategies revealed for post-COVID telework

It is more pressing than ever to tackle the safety challenges of remote work arrangements and make a business case for telework infrastructure, a peak workplace safety body says.


Remote supervision contributed to high-workload injury

A worker's increased work demands under a remote-supervision arrangement, and lack of support while he acted in a higher position, caused him to suffer a compensable psychological injury, a tribunal has found.


Tackling fatigue and maintaining boundaries under COVID-driven work changes

New ways of working are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic and providing opportunities to improve workers' work-life balance and fatigue levels, but they must be provided with the skills to match the evolved workplace, an ex-US military sleep researcher says.


Employer responded reasonably to psych risk: judge

Courts should not place an "absolute and unremitting" duty of care on employers to protect the mental health of their employees, a judge has warned in dismissing a psychologically injured worker's negligence claim.


Blood pressure levels slashed by white-collar strategy

A ground-breaking study of thousands of white-collar workers has found psychosocial interventions, like slowing the implementation of large projects to prevent excessive workload, significantly reduce the risk of hypertension, with the benefits lasting for years.


Sedentary work linked to common deadly cancer

Occupational sedentary behaviour is exposing workers to a significantly increased risk of one of the world's deadliest cancers, researchers have found.


Rehab session could not have contributed to carpal tunnel

A tribunal has rejected a worker's claim that rehabilitation treatments she was provided for a work injury aggravated her previously asymptomatic carpal tunnel syndrome and as a result, made it a work-related condition.


Can multiple workstation options improve health?

Redesigning workplaces to allow workers to choose a workstation based on their task or mood can increase healthy physical activity during shifts, Japanese researchers have found in a study of a "walkable" office.

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