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Bench rejects broad meaning of "surgery" for work injuries

In important concurrent judgments, a tribunal full bench has quashed, for lack of evidence, a finding that steroid injections proposed for an injured worker constitute compensable surgery, and upheld a ruling that another injured worker's nerve block injections aren't surgical treatments.


Qantas's COVID-19 dispute; Coronavirus Bills; and more

  • Qantas rejects COVID-19 claims as 750 staff told to self-isolate;
  • COVID-19 work injury Bills introduced in SA; and
  • Did you miss our latest quarterly update and coronavirus coverage?

Another presumptive PTSD Bill; New safety regs; and more

  • Presumptive PTSD compensation introduced in second state;
  • National transport safety amendments made, and proposed; and
  • Four sets of electricity and rail safety regulations commence in Vic.

RTW amendments hinge on full Supreme Court ruling

A former Federal Court judge has rejected submissions that a ruling in favour of a worker injured by opioid medication encourages a culture of litigiousness and sickness, but recommended that consideration be given to amending South Australia's Return to Work Act if the man's claim is upheld in upcoming proceedings.


Inquiry demands "narrative" injury tests

Injured workers whose conditions aren't considered "serious", but who are unable to work, will have uncapped access to weekly benefits and medical expenses under a narrative test, if recommendations from a South Australian parliamentary inquiry are adopted.


Labour-hire Bill to target workers' comp rorts

South Australia will introduce its own legislation to eliminate "rogue" labour-hire companies, after an investigation into workers' comp premiums found hundreds of millions of dollars in remuneration discrepancies.


Employers fined; Flagged Code extended; and more

  • Employers fined for SWMS and secure-storage breaches;
  • Proposed FIFO safety code extending to all industries; and
  • SAET to deal with WHS prosecutions soon.

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