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COVID-19 work travel ban; Eye rolling warning; and more

  • COVID-19 triggers broad travel ban for education workers;
  • Eye rolling can constitute workplace violence;
  • New injury dispute system being made by upcoming NSW Bill; and
  • Workers' comp amendments commence in ACT.

Workplace chemical plans; Legislative changes; and more

  • Hazardous chemical site plan, templates and guide released;
  • Chemicals Bill streamlines agvet system, introduces new sanctions;
  • Environment laws with WHS clause pass in NT;
  • Workers' comp changes protect more workers in ACT; and
  • NSW amends slow-down safety laws.

Tougher asbestos laws; New Code; New licensee; more

  • Govt improves asbestos hotline and promises tougher laws;
  • New WHS Code, WHS portal and EWP "shop" for Qld, NSW and WA;
  • ACT granted workers' comp self-insurance licence;
  • Harassment inquiry calls for temporary confidentiality waivers;
  • Evacuation breaches dominate WA retail blitz; and
  • Pain-reduction plan wins $5k in SWA competition.

Unsafe employers fined; Risk standard released; more

  • Unsafe employers and supervisor fined;
  • National risk standard and Vic safety regulations commence; and
  • New laws underpin ACT's workers' comp self-insurance licence.

WHS Act amendments commence; and more

  • WHS amendments pass and commence in NSW;
  • Employers' upcoming surveillance rights blocked by ACT Bill; and
  • Five OHS Compliance Codes published in Vic.

Safety bans receive assent; WHS Regs adopted; and more

  • New safety bans with $1m fines receive assent in NSW;
  • ACT adopts final model WHS Regulations and extended "wiring rules";
  • Workers' comp changes progress in ACT and Tas; and
  • Hazardous substances regulations commence in NZ today.

High safety fines blocked by election; and much more

  • High mine safety fines in doubt with upcoming Qld election;
  • ACT introduces new workers' comp fine and triples death benefits;
  • PTSD and anti-violence Bills introduced in Tas; and
  • New laws protect Vic emergency workers from cars used as weapons.

Anti-violence policy; "Fit notes"; and more

  • Anti-violence policy standardised and mandated in Vic;
  • "Fit notes" compulsory in the ACT soon; and
  • LPG, amputation, roof and dust alerts issued in Qld.

Premium payer sticks with Comcare, flags RTW plan

The ACT Government has scrapped plans to abandon Comcare and establish its own workers' compensation scheme for its 21,000 public servants.


Safety regulations commence today; and more

  • NSW makes safety regs and code, lauds asbestos changes;
  • SafeWork SA's new regulatory model commences today; and
  • Catastrophically injured workers now covered for life in ACT.

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