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Employer slammed by FWC for "dropping" injured worker

A commission has ordered a large employer to compensate a worker it dropped "like a hot potato" as soon his workers' comp entitlements ceased, blasting its "disappointing and disturbing" failure to inform itself of its obligations to workers who can't work because of injury or illness.


Irony heaped upon irony in unfair treatment of HSR: FWC

A major employer has been ordered to reinstate a health and safety representative dismissed for swearing at his supervisor over a controversial safety issue, and slammed for its inaction on mental health.


Speed-up orders weren't bullying or duty breach

A supervisor's act of telling a worker, who struggled to meet his targets, to hurry up, was not bullying, a court has found in rejecting the worker's claim for nearly $500,000 in damages.


Insistence on less "invasive" drug test fails in FWC

A white-collar worker has unsuccessfully challenged her dismissal for refusing to provide a urine sample for a drug and alcohol test for "personal medical reasons", with a commission stressing that office-based staff aren't "immune" from drug-related injury risks.


Worker reinstated after fighting mask-less member of public

A commission has rejected an employer's claims that reinstating a worker to his safety critical role, after it unfairly dismissed him for engaging in an altercation with a member of the public not wearing a face mask, was inappropriate because of the negative impact this could have on his mental health.


Dismissal of scissor-wielding worker upheld despite "fight or flight" defence

A commission has rejected a "frightened elderly" worker's claim she was unfairly dismissed after pointing a pair of industrial scissors at a co-worker. She claimed she was provoked and reacted instinctively with a "fight or flight" response.


Phone safety policy valid, but sacking unfair

A commission has overturned a worker's dismissal, and awarded him 21 weeks' wages, after finding his employer unfairly sacked him for his first safety breach in its efforts to draw "a line in the sand" with its new mobile phone use policy.


$5.2m workplace bullying payout quashed

A full Federal Court has quashed a $5.2 million award to a senior manager who was sacked after making bullying complaints. The Court ordered a retrial to consider his employer's stated reasons for terminating his employment, including that he created a culture of fear in his team.

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