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Employer fined for failing to enforce mask rules

An employer has been convicted and fined for breaching WHS laws in failing to enforce its mask requirements, resulting in a worker being poisoned with a hazardous substance.


Companies fined $550k over fatality and respirator myth

An engineering company that failed to properly supervise the decommissioning work it was engaged to oversee has been fined $300,000 over a death in a shipping container. Another company has been fined heavily for providing workers with woeful advice on respirators, and exposing them to hazardous substances.


PCBU fined and man acquitted in "disobedience" case

Employers have been reminded that their duty to ensure the safety of their workers extends to "disobedient" staff, with a PCBU being fined over injuries sustained by a teenage trial worker who defied his supervisor's instructions. The supervisor was also charged over the incident, but acquitted.


Assumption precedes fatality and multiple prosecutions

A workplace's multiple safety failings, which preceded a new worker's death, and led to several safety prosecutions, included that an assumption was made that the worker was familiar with the site's practices because of his experience at a similar location, a new report on the incident shows.


Company fined $320k over flawed WHS measure, fatality

One of four entities charged over the death of a 17-year-old worker, in a 12-metre fall, has been fined $320,000, after a court heard its fall-prevention strategy required personnel to disconnect their harnesses when moving from one high area to another.


Enforcing COVID rules taking a toll on workers' wellbeing

Australian workers are suffering significant stress from enforcing COVID-19 rules for customers, and their managers must adopt a zero-tolerance approach to customer abuse with the busy Christmas period approaching, new research has highlighted.


Breach of OHS duty to resident attracts $220k fine

An employer has been convicted and fined $220,000 for "serious" departures from its legal duty to non-workers, in the lead up to the suicide death of a youth in its care.

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