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New WHS duties for EWPs flagged by fatality inquest

A WHS Code of Practice and regulations for elevated work platforms could be amended in Queensland, and the changes applied nationally, under recommendations from a coronial inquest into a renowned photographer's death.


Employers must identify and help "languishing" workers

"Languishing" workers tend to slip under the radar of workplace health and wellbeing interventions, increasing their risk of developing serious mental illnesses, behavioural change researchers have told a Sydney seminar.


Five ways to repair damage from poor COVID responses

A number of employers' responses to the COVID-19 pandemic created suspicion among workers and damaged the "psychological contract", highlighting the need for "relational repair" and workplace safety improvements, according to research conducted with a safety regulator.


Enhanced risks assessments urged for carcinogen

A case report on a Scandinavian firefighter with melanoma has highlighted the dangers of a banned but still prevalent hazardous substance, and the need to assess the interaction of multiple workplace risk factors and the effectiveness of PPE.


Proactive COVID steps prevent unsafe disengagement

Employers that maintain a positive "COVID-19 safety climate" curb "moral disengagement" where workers rationalise irresponsible actions that harm others, a timely study has shown.


COVID repeal Bill hits parliamentary inquiry hurdle

Police officers are among those who have applauded a parliamentary inquiry's call for the NSW Upper House to reject a Bill scrapping presumptive compensation for workers with COVID-19. The inquiry slammed the State Government's cost-blowout claims and its failure to properly consider alternatives to dumping the benefit.


WHS duty holders must address "hostile" environments

A new consultation paper examining six legislative reforms, proposed by Kate Jenkins, has included an important reminder to employers of their WHS duty to prevent and address "intimidating, hostile, humiliating or offensive" work environments.


Workplaces told to tackle cocaine culture

Australian workers are using cocaine at "unprecedented" levels, and employers are being urged to implement interventions to safeguard workers, prevent safety incidents and tackle workplace drug use cultures.

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