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OHS Alert highlights from the past three months

This is OHS Alert's final article of the year, and we're leaving you with a review of some of our most-viewed stories from the fourth quarter of 2021.


Workers overwhelmed by digitisation, need support

Employers digitising their work processes require interventions like "digital pilots" to help workers deal with new technology healthily and without stress, say researchers who found such transitions can overwhelm a significant number of workers.


ISO 45003 guides WHS compliance: report

The recently launched international Standard for protecting workers' psychological health can help employers meet their WHS duties in Australia, and could be used by regulators "looking for evidence of compliance" with safety laws, according to a new report.


Assumption precedes fatality and multiple prosecutions

A workplace's multiple safety failings, which preceded a new worker's death, and led to several safety prosecutions, included that an assumption was made that the worker was familiar with the site's practices because of his experience at a similar location, a new report on the incident shows.


Employer's heart program played causal role in death

A major employer that sent an executive to a "well-intentioned" but unnecessary and not risk-assessed workplace health check "causally contributed" to her death, a coroner has found.

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