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Report on workplace harassment and abuse finds "culture of cover-up", makes 79 findings

The mining industry has been described as harbouring "a culture of cover-up", in the "'Enough Is Enough': S-xual harassment against woman in the FIFO mining industry" report. The parliamentary inquiry report makes 79 findings and 24 recommendations for addressing the "horrendous violence and abuse woman are subjected to while going about their work".


Mindfulness: ensuring the wellbeing of remote workers

Providing specific opportunities for employees who work from home to use mindfulness meditation apps, has a positive effect on team mindfulness and psychological safety, improving job performance, new research has found.


Sleep medication: a slippery slope for shift workers

A new study has found shift work that involves working nights is significantly associated with sleep medication use, and identified an increasing prevalence of shift workers taking up these prescription-based hypnotics.


More nuanced approach needed for remote-work pain

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a rapid public health response that included work-from-home orders, disrupting traditional working patterns and leading to many companies adopting a flexible approach on a permanent basis. But remote work comes with the risk of multisite musculoskeletal pain, and employers must look beyond workstation set-ups to prevent it, Australian researchers have found.


Effective safety comes from the bottom up: Dekker

WHS managers should think more about building adaptive resilience in their safety systems, rather than continually writing new rules that have little impact on improving frontline safety, according to global safety expert Professor Sidney Dekker.


WHS duties bypassed in lead up to girl's death: inquest

An inquest into the death of a girl on a high-energy amusement device, which led to two WHS reckless conduct charges and an anti-corruption probe, has found some of the ride's safety requirements were bypassed for financial reasons, and called for all jurisdictions to ensure the applicable Australian Standards have legal status.


Educators fare worse psychologically working online

In a study that sends a warning to all employers with remote-work arrangements, Canadian researchers have found teachers involved in online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic experienced less predictable workflow and less support from supervisors and colleagues than teachers in classrooms, increasing their risk of burnout.

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