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Report on workplace harassment and abuse finds "culture of cover-up", makes 79 findings

The mining industry has been described as harbouring "a culture of cover-up", in the "'Enough Is Enough': S-xual harassment against woman in the FIFO mining industry" report. The parliamentary inquiry report makes 79 findings and 24 recommendations for addressing the "horrendous violence and abuse woman are subjected to while going about their work".


Mindfulness: ensuring the wellbeing of remote workers

Providing specific opportunities for employees who work from home to use mindfulness meditation apps, has a positive effect on team mindfulness and psychological safety, improving job performance, new research has found.


High Court injury test re-examined in dog walking case

An on-call worker who broke his leg while walking his dog was not injured in the course of his employment, a superior court has ruled, finding an earlier decision in the man's favour misapplied the High Court test for interval injuries.


Workplace risk manager's anti-vax claims rejected again

An unvaccinated risk and compliance manager who failed to comply with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate has had her unfair dismissal case rejected for the second time, with a Fair Work Commission full bench dismissing her claims around privacy laws and remote arrangements.


More nuanced approach needed for remote-work pain

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a rapid public health response that included work-from-home orders, disrupting traditional working patterns and leading to many companies adopting a flexible approach on a permanent basis. But remote work comes with the risk of multisite musculoskeletal pain, and employers must look beyond workstation set-ups to prevent it, Australian researchers have found.


Educators fare worse psychologically working online

In a study that sends a warning to all employers with remote-work arrangements, Canadian researchers have found teachers involved in online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic experienced less predictable workflow and less support from supervisors and colleagues than teachers in classrooms, increasing their risk of burnout.


Scheduling and rest crucial to cutting home-work stress

The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly accelerated the move to home-based work, and HR and WHS teams need to proactively ensure employees working from home don't face increased stress, isolation and burnout, according to a lead article in the latest Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.


Alcohol limits introduced for camps, other work "settings"

New alcohol consumption restrictions covering nearly 160,000 workers, and extending to "work-adjacent settings", will drive a "culture of moderation" and improve physical and psychological safety standards, according to a peak industry body.


WHS changes flagged with review of murder investigation

WHS laws could be amended, and prosecutory functions expanded, with a former Federal Court judge being appointed to review the adequacy of a WHS investigation into the murder of a nurse.

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