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Reverse-onus WHS laws promised by new Labor Govt

Companies and officers accused of WHS breaches could bear the onus of proving they took all reasonably practicable steps to prevent an incident occurring, while the offence of industrial manslaughter will be added to the national model WHS Act, with Labor taking power in the Federal election on the weekend.


Beware the "hidden" risks of workplace PPE

Personal protective equipment poses "hidden" psychological risks for workers, and the COVID-19 pandemic has provided an invaluable opportunity to properly examine these hazards, Australian researchers say.


Q&A: World-renowned accident expert urges employers to ensure workers are literate in AI

Increasingly autonomous and intelligent automated systems are placing new demands on WHS processes, and workers need to be able to control the technical systems they are operating and understand AI decision-making processes, the president of the International Social Security Association has said ahead of APOSHO 36.


"Attacks on the person" causing workplace stress injuries

European occupational health researchers have identified the most common types of workplace conflicts that cause psychological injuries to the individuals exposed to them.


COVID restrictions easing but WHS duties the same

Employers have been warned, by both Safe Work Australia and unions, that they still have a WHS duty to protect workers from COVID-19 despite easing public health directions and orders.


WHS notice restored to ensure timely responses to bullying

An employer's anti-bullying and grievance procedures require intervention by a WHS regulator because they lack processes to ensure they are timely and don't cause psychological injuries to those involved, a commission has found.

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