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Negligent RTW plan didn't cause psych injury: court

Despite the fact that an employer was negligent in the way it managed an injured worker's return-to-work plan, a superior court has confirmed this negligence wasn't the cause of her subsequent anxiety and depressive illness.


Full bench gives green light to latest WHS poster claim

A major employer has failed to overturn a ruling that a worker, who was previously awarded $200,000 after being featured on a s-xually suggestive WHS poster, is entitled to pursue further damages under unfair dismissal laws.


Workplace disregard for PTSD exacerbated injuries

A tribunal has found that callous treatment by co-workers in the years following a traumatic workplace incident exacerbated a worker's post-traumatic stress disorder and contributed to her adjustment condition.


Massage costs denied in Port Arthur PTSD case

A worker who developed post-traumatic stress disorder after being exposed to the Port Arthur massacre, more than 26 years ago, has been denied the costs of massage treatment, in a judgment examining the reach of injured workers' entitlements to medical expenses.


Beware the "hidden" risks of workplace PPE

Personal protective equipment poses "hidden" psychological risks for workers, and the COVID-19 pandemic has provided an invaluable opportunity to properly examine these hazards, Australian researchers say.


Body comments breached Act and contributed to PTSD

A manager's comments about a subordinate's body shape, even without intended s-xual innuendo, constituted s-xual harassment and caused the subordinate's post-traumatic stress disorder, a tribunal has found in awarding her damages.


Email allegations caused "horror" and injuries

An employer's act of emailing a worker allegations that she mismanaged COVID-19 protocols, just an hour before a disciplinary meeting, caused her "shock, horror and confusion", a commission has found, ruling the employer is liable for the psychological injuries she developed as a result.


"Attacks on the person" causing workplace stress injuries

European occupational health researchers have identified the most common types of workplace conflicts that cause psychological injuries to the individuals exposed to them.

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