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Age-related safety concerns curtailed by FW provisions

A manager's belief that a 70-year-old job applicant wasn't capable of working safely in a hot environment, because of his age, was "based upon the type of assumptions" that employment laws guard against, a judge has ruled in penalising two companies for discriminating against the worker.


"Passive" jobs linked to significant cognitive decline

A study following nearly 10,000 workers for a quarter of a century has found low mental simulation in a job can have serious long-term impacts on workers' cognitive function, with links to the onset of dementia.


Diligent task planning required for older personnel: study

Employers have been urged to take special care to adapt work tasks for their older employees in physically demanding jobs, after a major European study conclusively showed these workers are far more likely to experience long-term sickness absences.


Tackle the overlooked issue of leg pain in workers

Interventions that reduce workers' musculoskeletal pain, even by small amounts, have the potential to eliminate physical limitations caused by leg pain, which is especially prevalent in older workers, a study of nearly 13,000 workers has found.


Single isolation breaches can be "catastrophic": FWC

In a "very difficult" decision, a commission has upheld the dismissal of a worker, with more than 23 years of service, for wrongly presuming plant he was working on was tagged out and isolated.


Alarming re-injury findings should underpin WHS plans

More than a third of workers who suffer a work injury will sustain a further injury within a short period of time, according to New Zealand researchers, who say their findings reveal an "important intervention point" for preventing incidents and reducing injury rates.


Older worker unlawfully blocked from hot employment

An employer unlawfully discriminated against an older worker in refusing to engage him for work in a hot environment, with its manager likening the proposed labour-hire arrangement to sending "your dad or granddad" into high-risk conditions, a court has found.


Alcohol strategies should focus on work safety over health

Workplace policies and programs that drive home the broad safety repercussions of turning up to work with a hangover, and impaired coordination, are far more likely to reduce risky drinking behaviours than warnings on the impact of alcohol on individuals' health, a study of NSW workers suggests.


COVID-19 risk assessments for vulnerable workers; and more

  • Special coronavirus assessments advised for vulnerable workers;
  • COVID-19 logistics safety and fatality alerts issued in Vic; and
  • Pandemic affects work injury claims and claimants in WA.

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