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High Court ruling defeats worker's pain claim

A major employer's liability for the aggravation of a worker's back injury ceased when the work-related component of her condition resolved, a tribunal has ruled in referring to a High Court judgment, and rejecting the worker's claim that looking down at work contributed to her incapacity.


Worker's hazardous manual handling claim dismissed

A court has rejected a worker's claim his employer negligently provided him with faulty equipment that forced him to adopt injury-causing postures. It found his symptoms arose from the "general physical nature" of his duties, not any acts of negligence.


Employers told to tackle all hazards, not just COVID-19, and to eliminate forklifts

As more workplaces reopen under easing COVID-19 restrictions, employers have been warned to proactively tackle all hazards, and reminded of "mangle", shock" and "sever" risks. Meanwhile, a regulator has urged employers to get rid of their forklifts, where reasonably practicable, following two recent fatalities.


New worker sent "out on his own", PCBU fined

A PCBU that sent a new employee out on his own to perform dangerous unloading tasks, with "no structure, no procedure and no testing" of his abilities, has been fined $225,000, after the man became trapped under a stack of heavy glass panels.


Burnout mitigation strategies vary between job types

Burnout is commonly associated with cognitive or mental employment demands, but it also affects those with high physical workloads, and can be exacerbated by certain kinds of off-the-job physical activities, researchers have found.


Training failures negligently caused $500k injury

An employer negligently caused a worker's injuries by failing to properly train his co-worker on a task variation, a court has ruled in awarding the worker nearly $500,000 in damages.


Speed-up orders weren't bullying or duty breach

A supervisor's act of telling a worker, who struggled to meet his targets, to hurry up, was not bullying, a court has found in rejecting the worker's claim for nearly $500,000 in damages.


Visibility issues, repetition and sitting increase risks

Poor visual or lighting conditions can cause workers to adopt poor postures to see better, resulting in musculoskeletal disorders, occupational medicine experts say.


Worker awarded $635k, blames blunt knife for injury

An injured worker has been awarded about $635,000 in damages, after a court found his employer's failure to identify his tasks as hazardous manual handling, in breach of safety regulations, caused his disabling musculoskeletal injury.

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