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Incident attracts WHS notice on smoking, leads to EU

A PCBU's $504,000 enforceable undertaking has provided valuable insight into the wide range of workplace issues that attract the attention of WHS inspectors, including where staff smoke their cigarettes.


Primary contractor bears liability for $1.35m award

A superior court has awarded $1.35 million in damages to an injured labour-hire worker, after finding the head scaffolding contractor at the site where the injury occurred was negligent in failing to provide an exclusion zone or establish a safe system of work.


Employer re-sentenced after negligence case quashed

An employer that overturned its gross negligence conviction, relating to a labour-hire worker's full-arm amputation in an unguarded pinch point of a machine, has been fined $230,000 under amended charges.


Consultation and labour-hire changes start; and more

  • New safety consultation and labour-hire laws commence in Vic;
  • Consolidated electricity safety laws introduced in Tas; and
  • Workers' comp changes proposed by Tas.

EU bid rejected after 170 WHS notices issued

A WHS regulator has rejected a PCBU's bid to enter an enforceable undertaking in lieu of prosecution, after considering the significant impact its alleged offences had on a worker, and its "poor compliance history".


First gross negligence conviction set aside

An employer's amputation-related gross negligence conviction has been downgraded to a general safety duty charge, in a judgment examining the "actual knowledge" of the defendant and a finding of "wilful blindness".


PPE warning issued to labour providers and hosts

Labour-hire companies can face sanctions for forcing workers or job applicants to pay for mandatory personal protective equipment, while hosts can be held liable as accessories to certain breaches, a regulator has warned.

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