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Employer fined for failing to enforce mask rules

An employer has been convicted and fined for breaching WHS laws in failing to enforce its mask requirements, resulting in a worker being poisoned with a hazardous substance.


OHS Alert highlights from the past three months

This is OHS Alert's final article of the year, and we're leaving you with a review of some of our most-viewed stories from the fourth quarter of 2021.


Director convicted over safety process failures

A company director who failed to verify that his business allocated adequate resources for managing safety has become the second entity to be convicted after a worker suffered "war zone" injuries from an electric shock.


Second reckless conduct case finalised in NSW

A PCBU has become the second entity to be convicted of a category-1 breach of the NSW WHS Act, after it recklessly allowed a number of "spectators" inside an exclusion zone to watch blasting work.


WHS convictions quashed in computer modelling ruling

An appeals court has quashed the convictions of an engineer and his company, finding that while their failure to undertake computer modelling for a project constituted a WHS breach, the intervening acts of other PCBUs meant their omission could not be considered a "substantial and significant" cause of the relevant risk.


"Shorthand" process for plant leads to incomplete repairs and $2.9m damages award

A Nestlé site's informal notebook for tagging out faulty forklifts, which did not allow information to be recorded "beyond three or four words", and lacked a report-back process for technicians, caused a worker's amputation, an appeals court has confirmed in a $2.9 million damages case.


PCBU fined and man acquitted in "disobedience" case

Employers have been reminded that their duty to ensure the safety of their workers extends to "disobedient" staff, with a PCBU being fined over injuries sustained by a teenage trial worker who defied his supervisor's instructions. The supervisor was also charged over the incident, but acquitted.

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