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No WHS consultation required for vaccine mandate

Under WHS laws, no risk assessment was necessary and workers were not required to be consulted prior to the implementation of a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, a commission has found in a decision directly affecting 24 sacked workers.


Director failed to ensure PCBU met WHS duties

A PCBU and its director have been fined heavily for allowing unqualified, unlicensed and unrestrained workers to perform high-risk work, resulting in one of them suffering life-long injuries when he climbed a pile of materials and fell.


"Unsafe" emails and homophobic remarks were sackable

A deputy operations manager, with the NSW Ambulance Service, created a "psychologically unsafe workplace" by inappropriately venting his frustrations over colleagues to his manager, a commission has ruled in rejecting his unfair dismissal appeal.


Proposed WHS changes for diesel; Dust conviction; more

  • Proposed WHS changes expand diesel-emission duties in NSW;
  • Injury benefits increased for NSW volunteers and fatality victims; and
  • Employer convicted over absence of deadly-dust controls.

PCBU fined over electric shocks, handed large costs bill

One of three PCBUs charged over an incident where a crane came into contact with overhead powerlines, and two workers suffered serious electric shocks, has been convicted and fined $150,000, plus $102,000 in prosecution costs.


Fines of nearly $1m imposed to deter WHS shortcuts

A PCBU has been fined heavily twice over two incidents that occurred a year apart at the same site, with a judge stating, "It's hard to imagine a more cavalier attitude to the obligations required under the WHS Act."


PCBU fined $450k; WHS process digitised; and more

  • PCBU fined $450k over fatality, another charged;
  • New digital system slashes SafeWork NSW registration times; and
  • WHS warning issued to NT's high-risk licence holders.

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