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Mindfulness: ensuring the wellbeing of remote workers

Providing specific opportunities for employees who work from home to use mindfulness meditation apps, has a positive effect on team mindfulness and psychological safety, improving job performance, new research has found.


Sleep medication: a slippery slope for shift workers

A new study has found shift work that involves working nights is significantly associated with sleep medication use, and identified an increasing prevalence of shift workers taking up these prescription-based hypnotics.


Workplace risk manager's anti-vax claims rejected again

An unvaccinated risk and compliance manager who failed to comply with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate has had her unfair dismissal case rejected for the second time, with a Fair Work Commission full bench dismissing her claims around privacy laws and remote arrangements.


Full bench refuses to hear maskless worker's case

A Qantas flight attendant who claimed she couldn't wear a face mask for medical reasons has been refused permission to have her unfair dismissal case heard by a Fair Work Commission full bench.


Worker's distress deemed too "normal" for compensation

A Centrelink worker has been denied workers' compensation for her extreme mental distress, caused by a "demotion", with a tribunal classifying her condition as "normal mental functioning".


WHS duties on roads extend beyond licensing: chief judge

An employer's WHS duties to the operators of heavy vehicles, and the members of the public they encounter, go far beyond ensuring drivers are properly licensed, a recent superior court case involving a double fatality and a dozen WHS charges has shown.


More nuanced approach needed for remote-work pain

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a rapid public health response that included work-from-home orders, disrupting traditional working patterns and leading to many companies adopting a flexible approach on a permanent basis. But remote work comes with the risk of multisite musculoskeletal pain, and employers must look beyond workstation set-ups to prevent it, Australian researchers have found.


Vaccination delay did not create WHS risks

The dismissal of an unvaccinated Northern Territory teacher has been found to be harsh and unfair, with the Fair Work Commission ruling that "no employee should be terminated for following their doctors' advice" to obtain a specialist's opinion on COVID-19 vaccines.


Q&A: Leading safety lawyer highlights the importance of leaders in preventing workplace s-xual harassment

The way Australian workplaces handle the issue of s-xual harassment has evolved significantly over the last 25 years, an employment and safety lawyer says. Employers now have a duty to eliminate or minimise the risk of s-xual harassment just as they do for other workplace health and safety risks. However, one in three people still experience s-xual harassment in the workplace, and very few victims report incidents to their employers.

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