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Employment significantly contributed to car park incident

A tribunal has rejected a submission likening a worker's injuries from being run over in a work car park to an aneurism that happens to occur at work, but is not connected to employment in any meaningful way.


Heat-fatality inquiry follows two prosecutions

A European holiday worker, whose heat stroke death in Queensland resulted in two WHS prosecutions, was neither acclimatised to the area nor provided with adequate opportunities to escape from the sun, a coroner has found.


PCBU addresses language barriers in WHS undertaking

A PCBU will translate a range of WHS materials to prevent communication breakdowns and risks among non-English-speaking workers, and contribute $50,000 to a regulatory campaign, after it was accused of WHS breaches resulting in glass falling on a public street.


Second PCBU fined over heat death, missing controls

A second PCBU has been fined over the heat stress death of a worker, with a court finding it breached its duties as the entity in control of the workplace by failing to provide suitable rest areas or shade.


Employer not liable for drunk co-worker's act in unit

An employer is not liable for a worker being urinated on by an intoxicated colleague, but companies do have a safety duty to protect personnel from "unpleasant" interactions in accommodation facilities, a superior court has found.


Repeat offender's preferred safety process unlawful

An employer with a long history of safety contraventions has been fined for opting to implement its preferred height safety measures, at a site where a backpacker worker was killed in a fall, instead of the measures prescribed by law.


Entities fined over heat death and after notice ignored

A business operator who failed to instruct workers on how to self-manage their work capacity in hot conditions has been fined over the heat stress death of a backpacker employee. Meanwhile, a company and one of its directors have been fined for failing to comply with or display a forklift-related prohibition notice.


Cost-free controls would have prevented German's injury

An employer that over-relied on verbally instructing workers on the dangers of a frequently used machine has been convicted and fined for WHS breaches, after a "vulnerable" worker's leg was severely injured.

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