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How to make workplace health programs more effective

Programs for improving health and wellbeing in male-dominated workplaces are often ineffective, but UK researchers have identified ways to break down the barriers to engagement.


Workplace COVID developments: free RATs demanded, vaccination rules amended and employer fined

Forcing workers to pay for their own rapid antigen tests for COVID-19 will have a major impact on workplace health and safety standards, unions have warned ahead of today's National Cabinet meeting. Meanwhile, vaccination and isolation rules for workers have been amended in some regions, and an employer has been fined for allowing unvaccinated staff to carry out work.


Workers overwhelmed by digitisation, need support

Employers digitising their work processes require interventions like "digital pilots" to help workers deal with new technology healthily and without stress, say researchers who found such transitions can overwhelm a significant number of workers.


ISO 45003 guides WHS compliance: report

The recently launched international Standard for protecting workers' psychological health can help employers meet their WHS duties in Australia, and could be used by regulators "looking for evidence of compliance" with safety laws, according to a new report.


Eliminating psychosocial hazards cuts major safety risks

Managing psychosocial risks is critical not only to prevent mental health injuries but the occurrence of "major accidents", new guidance material from a WHS regulator has stressed.

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