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Virus-work link established, employer liable for claim

A judge has found there was a "compelling temporal connection" between a worker performing duties in the rain and the onset of his viral symptoms and incapacitating fatigue.


Incentives flagged for fatigue and distraction controls

Employers that voluntarily fit their vehicles with autonomous early braking systems and other safety technologies could be designated as preferred contractors for government work, under a recommendation from an inquest into a child's death in a road accident.


Employer enters another EU after another fatality

A major employer has entered an enforceable undertaking, with an estimated spend of up to $750,000, after being accused of fitness-for-work breaches and other contraventions relating to the death of a truck driver, whose vehicle crashed through a barrier and plummeted 13 metres.


Countermeasures to grogginess found by work research

A study on a workplace sleep issue that costs Australian employers $2.25 billion per year has highlighted the strategic use of caffeine, light and sound to counteract grogginess and cognitive impairments.


Sleepy workers at risk of immediate and chronic injuries

Insufficient sleep can have immediate and long-term impacts on injury rates, and quickly identifying and treating sleep difficulties in workers can reduce incidents both within workplaces and during commutes, researchers have found.


Five steps for managers to prevent burnout in teams

The number of workers requiring mental health support more than tripled last year due to unprecedented work fatigue, increasing the pressure on supervisors and managers to prevent burnout in their teams, according to a clinical services specialist.


Do workplace naps increase alertness, improve WHS?

Scheduled nap breaks for night shift workers can improve alertness and safety when they're most likely to be fatigued, but the strategy has mixed results for melatonin regulation.

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