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Crew rethink could have eliminated risk

An employer could have prevented the severe crush injuries sustained by a worker preparing a large workplace vehicle for greasing by ensuring the task was undertaken solely by the vehicle's operator, an enforceable undertaking document has shown.


Employer enters EU over electrocution risk; drug trafficker denied labour-hire licence

An employer has agreed to implement a new permit system and other enforceable undertakings after a safety inspector witnessed its excavator enter the "no go zone" of powerlines. Meanwhile, a drug trafficker has been denied a labour-hire licence in one of a recent spate of refusals.


Employer to "harness" digital exclusion zones under EU

An employer has committed to being the first in its industry to trial digital exclusion zone and barrier technology to address the hazards arising from the interaction of mobile plant and personnel, after a worker was struck by a 20-tonne excavator.


JSA skipped second phase of hazardous task

An employer has implemented processes for engaging specialist contractors to move equipment in hazardous circumstances, and entered a $1 million undertaking, after its alleged failure to complete a job safety analysis led to a worker being crushed by a 1.4-tonne machine.


Coffee burns followed by serious OHS charge and EU

In a case reminding employers of the reach of their workplace health and safety duties, a business has entered a $281,000 undertaking to escape prosecution over an incident where an elderly person was burned by black coffee.


Employer failed to respond to EWP advice with SWMS

An employer that allegedly failed to prepare a safe work method statement for an elevating work platform, after it was advised of a subcontractor's plan to use one, will provide mental health first-aid training to employees and subcontractors under a bid to avoid prosecution.


Non-compliant windows breached workplace safety laws

A national employer charged with workplace safety breaches, involving non-compliant windows in its premises, has spent $1.4 million on remedial works and entered an undertaking to escape prosecution, after a child was injured.


Workplace pedestrian safety boosted with overhaul and EU

A management company accused of breaching work safety laws, in failing to instruct retail staff not to walk near mobile plant, has spent $130,000 overhauling its loading dock policies and committed nearly $200,000 to other rectifications under an enforceable undertaking.


Employer enters $364k EU; and Breach captured on film

A major employer has committed $364,200 to developing an industry safety standard after a worker's fingers were degloved in a tag-out incident. Meanwhile, an employer has been fined for safety breaches secretly filmed by an employee.

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