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High-risk work findings coincide with fall-related EU

A WHS regulator has identified the absence of adequate controls for preventing three-metre-plus falls as a major area of non-compliance in the high-risk construction sector. It has also, coincidentally, accepted a PCBU's bid to enter an enforceable undertaking after a worker fell four metres.


Walkthroughs fail to achieve WHS compliance; and more

  • Walkthroughs and "common sense" fail to achieve WHS compliance;
  • Five principles to reduce workers' comp stress in NSW; and
  • Alerts follow electrocution, rollover death and water jet injuries.

Modest EUs accepted after amputations, asbestos incident

A PCBU accused of failing to take steps to prevent a worker's fingers being amputated, and another that allegedly failed to comply with its own asbestos-removal plan, have been allowed to enter low-spend WHS undertakings in lieu of prosecution.


WHS undertaking accepted in freezer fatality case

SafeWork SA has accepted a $677,000 enforceable undertaking (EU) from one of two major employers charged with WHS offences, after a worker died from being trapped in a walk-in freezer at a police training facility.


Fatal failings divided into WHS charges and EUs

In an unusual case, two related PCBUs have been fined a total of $210,000 over a teenage apprentice's death, but entered enforceable undertakings in lieu of prosecution for one of the particulars of the offence.


Scouts enter WHS EU with annual safety commitment

The Scouts have spent $100,000 on forklift-safety rectifications and committed to an annual WHS spend of $95,000, in lieu of prosecution, after allegedly failing to preserve an injury site.


WHS probe planned, safety bonuses panned

A parliamentary committee will inquire into an abandoned fatality-related WHS prosecution, while the powers of South Australian HSRs will be aligned with other states, if initiatives moved by the Greens are passed.


Employer enters $1m EU after fatal head crush

An employer has entered an enforceable undertaking worth nearly $1 million after a worker was killed between an elevated work platform and a concrete slab, while regulatory action taken against two major companies after the incident has been withdrawn.


Injuries drive "high reliability" commitment

An employer has introduced new engineering and administrative controls, and committed to leadership and communication training, after a worker was seriously injured by a power tong.


Major employer enters $416k EU after customer injured

A major retail employer has committed more than $400,000 to streamlining its manual handling processes and other safety initiatives, after two employees pushed a roll cage into a customer, seriously injuring him.

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