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High-spend EU accepted for pre-amendment fatality

A PCBU has been permitted to enter a WHS undertaking, with a minimum spend of nearly $3 million, in lieu of prosecution over a fatality in Queensland, which occurred prior to the State banning undertakings for alleged offences involving deaths.


Appeals court rejects bid to enter EU after fatality

An employer has lost its latest bid to enter a fatality-related WHS undertaking, with an appeals court upholding a finding that the fatal risks were clearly foreseeable.


Alleged SWMS breaches lead to major OHSMS overhaul

A local council has agreed to spend more than $410,000 on safety rectifications to avoid prosecution for breaches of WHS regulations on safe work method statements, which carry maximum fines of just $30,000 each.


Supreme Court upholds rejection of WHS EU bid

A superior court has upheld the rejection of an employer's bid to enter a WHS undertaking in lieu of prosecution, after hearing that the relevant incident involved a fatality, and workers regularly accessed the hazardous area where the death occurred.


Employers introduce 10 safety steps to avoid prosecution

Two employers have committed to taking a total of 10 steps to reduce the risks of working with plant and equipment, after two machine operators were seriously injured in unguarded plant.


New safety Standard and other initiatives promised in EUs

Two employers will spend nearly $440,000 on developing a new Australian Standard and numerous other safety initiatives, after entering into enforceable undertakings relating to a forklift injury and hair entanglement.


Workers told to cease unsafe tasks under WHS EU

An employer has introduced a "stop the job" safety policy as part of a $230,000 enforceable undertaking under Queensland's harmonised WHS Act.


Thiess enters third Airport Link undertaking after death

Thiess Pty Ltd has entered into its third enforceable undertaking - and escaped prosecution - relating to the incident-ridden construction of Brisbane's Airport Link, this time after a worker was killed.


Third employer to enter EU under mirror WHS laws

In only the third case of its type, a Queensland employer has entered a $200,000 enforceable undertaking under the mirror WHS laws, after two workers were injured when a tyre exploded.


Employer enters second EU after asbestos scare

A Queensland employer has entered into its second enforceable undertaking, in lieu of prosecution, in just over a year - this time after its workers were potentially exposed to asbestos fibres.

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