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Second PCBU enters WHS EU after motorcycle fatality

A government department that was charged with category 2 WHS breaches after a motorcyclist crashed and died at a road works site, which wasn't set up on accordance with Australian Standards, has been permitted to enter a $1.4 million undertaking in lieu of prosecution.


Fatality prosecution shelved with $1.8m commitment

Woolworths Ltd has escaped prosecution for category 2 WHS breaches, relating to the death of a man who was run over while sleeping in one of its loading docks, after promising to spend nearly $1.8 million on improving back docks, installing defibrillators and other safety initiatives.


WHS EUs worth $1.2m accepted after burnout injures 14

A regulator has defended its decision to accept WHS enforceable undertakings from two PCBUs in lieu of prosecution after a fuel fire at a public event, despite opposition from a number of the victims.


Safety amendments likely in asbestos strategy; and more

  • Legislative change and GPS tracking likely under NSW asbestos plan;
  • Alleged asbestos offender enters $213k WHS undertaking;
  • SafeWork NSW award winners announced; and
  • Lightning protection wins resources safety award.

"Exceptional circumstances" warrant EU in fatality case

The wishes of a killed worker's family underpinned a safety regulator's decision to accept a $968,000 enforceable undertaking (EU) in lieu of a category 2 WHS prosecution, the regulator's chief executive has told OHS Alert.


Workers exposed to "toxic" atmospheres, PCBUs enter EUs

Two major employers have entered enforceable undertakings totalling $636,000 - with one already spending $500,000 on rectifications - after workers were potentially exposed to hazardous respiratory environments.

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