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Incident attracts WHS notice on smoking, leads to EU

A PCBU's $504,000 enforceable undertaking has provided valuable insight into the wide range of workplace issues that attract the attention of WHS inspectors, including where staff smoke their cigarettes.


Explosion resulted from alleged WHS contraventions

A PCBU accused of breaching its WHS duty to control ignition sources, at the time of an injury-causing explosion, has entered a $624,400 undertaking and spent nearly $180,000 on WHS rectifications.


EU bid rejected after 170 WHS notices issued

A WHS regulator has rejected a PCBU's bid to enter an enforceable undertaking in lieu of prosecution, after considering the significant impact its alleged offences had on a worker, and its "poor compliance history".


Ladders "the last option" in WHS hierarchy; and more

  • Ladders are "the last option", PCBUs told after death;
  • Rio Tinto's former HSE chief appointed SWA chair; and
  • PCBUs' "attitudes" to affect WHS-undertaking decisions in NSW.

PCBU addresses language barriers in WHS undertaking

A PCBU will translate a range of WHS materials to prevent communication breakdowns and risks among non-English-speaking workers, and contribute $50,000 to a regulatory campaign, after it was accused of WHS breaches resulting in glass falling on a public street.


EU commitment includes AS/NZS ISO 45001 certification

A PCBU accused of fall-related breaches has committed to developing and certifying a safety management system against AS/NZS ISO 45001, under a $274,000 WHS undertaking in which much of the spend will go towards initiatives that mature safety organisations already have.


Fatality prompts record $4.5m spend on EU and more

A major PCBU has committed to a record WHS undertaking spend, including on strategies tackling an anticipated surge in infrastructure safety risks, after a worker was killed by moving plant.


Are key SWMS messages getting through to workers?

In a $586,000 WHS undertaking, a PCBU has launched a research study into effectively communicating the key "high-risk messages" in safe work method statements, following an incident resulting from SWMS-compliance failures on the first working day of the year in 2018.


WHS spends reach $1.5m after two serious incidents

A PCBU has committed to completely digitising its permit-to-work system to strengthen its effectiveness as a critical control for non-standard work, while a second PCBU will audit its mobile plant and traffic management plans across multiple sites, in response two serious safety incidents.

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