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Occupational metals emerge as key risk factor for ALS

A large new study of the link between job type and the fatal neurodegenerative disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), indicates that exposure to metals in occupations such as welding is a risk factor for developing the disease.


Beware the "hidden" risks of workplace PPE

Personal protective equipment poses "hidden" psychological risks for workers, and the COVID-19 pandemic has provided an invaluable opportunity to properly examine these hazards, Australian researchers say.


Japanese encephalitis posing WHS risks in multiple states

PCBUs currently grappling with their WHS duties around COVID-19 vaccinations could have another vaccine to assess, with Safe Work Australia recommending a vaccination regime for workers at risk of contracting Japanese encephalitis virus.


Q&A: World-renowned accident expert urges employers to ensure workers are literate in AI

Increasingly autonomous and intelligent automated systems are placing new demands on WHS processes, and workers need to be able to control the technical systems they are operating and understand AI decision-making processes, the president of the International Social Security Association has said ahead of APOSHO 36.


Children must be consulted on WHS and protections

Workers who are children face unique health and safety challenges at work, but their employers' policies and processes are often not age-appropriate and block them from reporting issues or engaging with safety, the director of a children's organisation says.


"Tech neck" the "silent pandemic" of remote-work surge

A significant proportion of Australian workers believe their postures worsened after they shifted to remote arrangements for the COVID-19 pandemic, showing employers must act as hybrid work becomes a permanent fixture.


Q&A: Managing emotional stressors after work incidents

Workers experiencing the emotional fallout from a workplace accident or injury can go on to endanger others, which is a hazard employers have a duty to manage, a senior employment and safety lawyer has warned.

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