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Cannabis dealing blocks knife victim's compensation bid

A worker who was the victim of a knife attack while at work engaged in illegal activities that took him out of the course of his employment, a commission has ruled in finding his employer isn't liable for his psychological injury.


Worker rightly sacked for unsafe criminal conduct: bench

A four-member commission bench has overturned a ruling that a major employer unfairly sacked a safety-critical worker who was arrested for drink driving on a day off, and quashed the worker's reinstatement.


Workplaces told to tackle cocaine culture

Australian workers are using cocaine at "unprecedented" levels, and employers are being urged to implement interventions to safeguard workers, prevent safety incidents and tackle workplace drug use cultures.


Executives must be more involved in WHS; and more

  • Company directors still have little involvement in WHS matters despite industrial manslaughter developments; and
  • Court to hear test case on worker's medicinal cannabis use.

Safety specialist reasonably advised drug test of worker

A worker claiming he accidentally ate cannabis cookies before failing a workplace drug test has failed to overturn his dismissal. He argued his employer unreasonably subjected him to the test when he wasn't displaying any behaviour or symptoms of intoxication or impairment.


Insistence on less "invasive" drug test fails in FWC

A white-collar worker has unsuccessfully challenged her dismissal for refusing to provide a urine sample for a drug and alcohol test for "personal medical reasons", with a commission stressing that office-based staff aren't "immune" from drug-related injury risks.

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