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WHS consultation duties explained in COVID vaccine case

A five-member Fair Work Commission bench has detailed activities that do and do not constitute consultation with the meaning of the model WHS laws, in finding BHP failed to properly consult its workers before imposing a COVID-19 vaccination mandate at one of its NSW sites.


Defibrillators installed in 100 work vehicles; and more

  • Defibrillators installed in 100 work vehicles, Tas updates COVID WHS tips;
  • Site controller charged over customer's car wash death; and
  • Entire supply chain targeted in vehicle safety campaign.

New workplace COVID vaccine rules; Lightning death; more

  • COVID vaccines mandated for multiple Qld sectors, visiting workers;
  • Lightning-related WHS duties outlined after fatality; and
  • WHS activities affected by COVID: major SWA report.

Workplace COVID controls drive behaviour, still crucial

In a timely development, given Australia's easing pandemic restrictions, a study of more than 20,000 workers has found that deficient workplace COVID-19 control measures reduce individuals' infection prevention behaviours, increasing the spread of the disease.


Enforcing COVID rules taking a toll on workers' wellbeing

Australian workers are suffering significant stress from enforcing COVID-19 rules for customers, and their managers must adopt a zero-tolerance approach to customer abuse with the busy Christmas period approaching, new research has highlighted.


COVID repeal Bill progresses, divides work stakeholders

A Bill that scraps presumptive compensation for workers with COVID-19, and passed the NSW Lower House yesterday, will make it "next to impossible" for coronavirus victims to obtain benefits, the Greens have warned. But industry groups claim there are "multiple tools" to help claimants establish a work-COVID link.


Judges dismiss claims against COVID vaccine mandates

A commission has rejected a union's bid to block a BHP COVID-19 vaccine mandate pending a ruling on whether the company met its WHS consultation requirements. Meanwhile, the NSW Supreme Court has dismissed claims that vaccine orders for workers defy a United Nations covenant.

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