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John Holland enters $1.2m WHS undertaking after fall

John Holland Pty Ltd has been granted permission to enter a $1.2 million enforceable undertaking in lieu of prosecution over a worker's seven-metre fall through a hole on a major infrastructure project, and will develop a freely available virtual reality app for identifying height risks.


Toll fails to reduce injury payments in partnership ruling

A logistics giant has failed to slash an injured contractor's workers' compensation payments by 75 per cent, after an appeals tribunal rejected arguments that the deemed figure did not accurately reflect a partnership arrangement with his wife.


Director escapes jail, but fined for similar WHS offence

A company director who successfully overturned his fatality-related reckless conduct conviction and jailing has, along with his brother and two businesses, been fined over a similar WHS incident to the one that resulted in the death.


Director failed to ensure company utilised WHS resources

A company director who failed to ensure his organisation provided fall prevention measures to height workers has become the third entity to be fined over a five-metre fall, while a regulator has expressed frustration after yet another employer was fined for forklift-related breaches.


Primary contractor bears liability for $1.35m award

A superior court has awarded $1.35 million in damages to an injured labour-hire worker, after finding the head scaffolding contractor at the site where the injury occurred was negligent in failing to provide an exclusion zone or establish a safe system of work.


New WHS Standard follows teen's death and high-range fine

A new industry safety standard developed in response to a teenage worker's death, which also attracted one of the highest WHS fines in NSW history, includes guidance on preventing unapproved modifications of scaffolding and will prevent injuries and fatalities, the NSW Government has claimed.


Record tender ban follows $400k fatality fine

A PCBU that was fined $400,000 over an apprentice's death, and unsuccessfully sought to overturn its conviction in the High Court, has been handed a record-long ban from tendering for Commonwealth-funded work.


BHP worker's hug and whispers were serious misconduct

In a timely decision, a commission has upheld the sacking of a mine worker for hugging a camp contractor without consent and making lewd comments to her and her co-worker.

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