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Reverse-onus WHS laws promised by new Labor Govt

Companies and officers accused of WHS breaches could bear the onus of proving they took all reasonably practicable steps to prevent an incident occurring, while the offence of industrial manslaughter will be added to the national model WHS Act, with Labor taking power in the Federal election on the weekend.


Safety concerns upheld in six-person reinstatement order

A major logistics employer should have been more transparent with a group of shift managers who expressed safety concerns when they were asked to step into stevedoring roles during an industrial dispute, a full bench of the Fair Work Commission has found in upholding the reinstatement of all six managers.


PCBU fined for consultation and category-2 breaches

A PCBU that declined to act on the safety advice of an electrician has been convicted and fined for three serious WHS offences, including failing to consult and coordinate activities with the company tasked with installing and commissioning its imported plant.


Contractual chain WHS duties clarified by SWA

PCBUs working within contractual chains can owe WHS duties to workers they don't have direct contractual arrangements with, while individuals can have simultaneous duties as PCBUs and workers, according to new Safe Work Australia guidance.


COVID restrictions easing but WHS duties the same

Employers have been warned, by both Safe Work Australia and unions, that they still have a WHS duty to protect workers from COVID-19 despite easing public health directions and orders.


Children must be consulted on WHS and protections

Workers who are children face unique health and safety challenges at work, but their employers' policies and processes are often not age-appropriate and block them from reporting issues or engaging with safety, the director of a children's organisation says.


Consultation and labour-hire changes start; and more

  • New safety consultation and labour-hire laws commence in Vic;
  • Consolidated electricity safety laws introduced in Tas; and
  • Workers' comp changes proposed by Tas.

Five ways to repair damage from poor COVID responses

A number of employers' responses to the COVID-19 pandemic created suspicion among workers and damaged the "psychological contract", highlighting the need for "relational repair" and workplace safety improvements, according to research conducted with a safety regulator.

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