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Worker faces jail for alleged COVID recklessness

A worker could be jailed for up to five years and fined heavily, after being charged with recklessly endangering others by attending work after testing positive to COVID-19.


Latest workplace COVID charges linked to 34 deaths

Another employer has been charged with serious COVID-19 safety breaches attracting millions of dollars in maximum penalties, this time in relation to a COVID outbreak resulting in 34 deaths.


Employer fined $600k after gas death in confined space

An employer that failed to implement straightforward safety measures, like instructing personnel to turn off a gas main, has been convicted and fined $600,000 over the death of an apprentice in a confined space.


Proposed WHS changes for diesel; Dust conviction; more

  • Proposed WHS changes expand diesel-emission duties in NSW;
  • Injury benefits increased for NSW volunteers and fatality victims; and
  • Employer convicted over absence of deadly-dust controls.

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