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Unsafe work practice causes seizure death 13 years later

An inquest into a man's death from a seizure has provided a stark reminder of the potentially devastating long-term consequences of poor workplace processes, including one practice that "should never occur in a controlled work environment".


Conduct Omicron risk assessments, or else; and more

  • Conduct Omicron risk assessments or face walk-offs, employers told;
  • Occupational lung diseases targeted in ACT; and
  • WHS amendments for quads take effect in Tas.

Defibrillators installed in 100 work vehicles; and more

  • Defibrillators installed in 100 work vehicles, Tas updates COVID WHS tips;
  • Site controller charged over customer's car wash death; and
  • Entire supply chain targeted in vehicle safety campaign.

Unassessed changes, "mimed" inductions preceded death

A workplace fatality, which led to a $250,000 WHS fine, occurred in circumstances where the contrast between the instructions provided to workers with limited English and what supervisors allowed to occur gave rise "to an understandable level of confusion about what was, and was not, permitted", an inquest has found.


Two states step up COVID activities; Union charged; more

  • Two states step up workplace COVID compliance activities;
  • Unionists accused of breaching site's COVID and WHS rules; and
  • Did you miss our latest major WHS and COVID review?

Worker handed COVID fine; Blitz sends warning; more

  • FIFO worker handed COVID fine for leaving room;
  • Fatality fine and blitz send height warning to employers; and
  • Asbestos-levy cut to save businesses $1.2m in Tas.

Bee-sting death highlights need for workplace EpiPens

An inquest into a workplace bee-sting death has found: it had been incumbent upon the business to provide and train personnel in the use of EpiPens; and the killed man was a worker within the meaning of WHS laws, despite his purported "observer" status.


Triple-fatality inquest makes WHS recommendations

A coronial inquest into three fatalities at one workplace within six weeks has warned against using non-compliant platforms and requiring personnel to determine their own work and safety methods. It also found that it is "vital and necessary" to adhere to and audit hazard controls.


Missing controls; New WHS portfolio; Higher premiums

  • Risk controls missing for plant-pedestrian interactions;
  • New Workplace Safety portfolio established in Tas; and
  • Workers' comp premium increases confirmed in NSW.

Resilient systems urged for world safety day; and much more

  • Invest in "resilient OHS systems" for world safety day;
  • SWA guidance extended to work on public roads;
  • Comments sought on proposed WHS amendments in NSW; and
  • Forklift-stability warning issued after two incidents.

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