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Safety standards must match strong demands; and more

  • Step up safety with increasing demands, say regulators;
  • Employers urged to utilise WHS tool for young workers; and
  • Waivers don't reduce WHS duties to children.

WHS duty holders must say "no" to unsafe demands

The latest defendant to be sentenced over the death of a worker at a Canberra site breached its WHS duty to say "no" to the principal contractor's unsafe demands, a court has found in fining it twice as much as the principal.


New near-miss duties pass Parliament; and more

  • New near-miss duties and injury provisions pass in Vic; and
  • Miller to identify barriers to managing ACT's psychosocial hazards.

PCBUs advised on COVID rule; 3 Codes commence; more

  • PCBUs advised on the management of COVID-exempt workers;
  • Three workplace safety Codes commence in WA; and
  • Workplace safety protections extended by s-x work Bill in Vic.

Conduct Omicron risk assessments, or else; and more

  • Conduct Omicron risk assessments or face walk-offs, employers told;
  • Occupational lung diseases targeted in ACT; and
  • WHS amendments for quads take effect in Tas.

PCBU fined over death, but recklessness charges dropped

A judge has discussed the interaction of the WHS duties of companies and the specialist skills of their subcontractors, in sentencing one of nine entities charged with serious safety offences, including manslaughter and reckless conduct, after a pedestrian worker was killed by a crane.


WHS prosecutions flagged for psychosocial breaches

A WHS regulator has committed to utilising all its compliance tools, including statutory notices and prosecutions, under a new three-year plan to tackle psychological risks and hazards.

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