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Permanent incapacity, not bullying, behind dismissal

A worker who contends he was left to languish after he developed psych injuries, from being bullied, has failed to prove his employer unlawfully dismissed him for making a workers' comp claim.


Diligent task planning required for older personnel: study

Employers have been urged to take special care to adapt work tasks for their older employees in physically demanding jobs, after a major European study conclusively showed these workers are far more likely to experience long-term sickness absences.


Apprentice injured in superior's absence, director fined

A PCBU and its director have been fined $150,000 and $15,000 respectively, after unsupervised apprentices were allocated a high-risk task, which injured one of them, when a qualified technician took sick leave.


Hasty redundancy process injured worker

An employer has been found liable for a worker's psych injury because it "blindsided" him with a redundancy meeting shortly after he returned to work from long-term sick leave, during which he was induced to believe his job was secure.


Do you help or hinder workers with chronic conditions?

An excessive focus on preventing sick leave, and the absence of "preventive support", are common to interventions for workers with chronic conditions, according to researchers who say employers need to move away from reactive measures.


"Myth-busting" resource shows DV is a major WHS issue

Violence continues into the workplace for many workers experiencing domestic violence and it is time to challenge the "myth" that this is not a workplace issue, according to Diversity Council Australia and violence against women prevention organisation Our Watch.


Injury accrual rights confirmed by follow-up judgment

A commission has reaffirmed that workers' compensation payments constitute "pay", as established in a recent important decision on the relationship between workers' comp arrangements and the accrual of annual and sick leave.

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