"Claim farming" ban passes, harassment laws introduced

Legislation banning workers' compensation "claim farming" has passed Parliament, while a Bill increasing workplace protections for s-xual harassment victims and independent vehicle drivers has been introduced, and a mental health levy has been announced for large employers, across a busy few days in Queensland.


Report on workplace harassment and abuse finds "culture of cover-up", makes 79 findings

The mining industry has been described as harbouring "a culture of cover-up", in the "'Enough Is Enough': S-xual harassment against woman in the FIFO mining industry" report. The parliamentary inquiry report makes 79 findings and 24 recommendations for addressing the "horrendous violence and abuse woman are subjected to while going about their work".


Mindfulness: ensuring the wellbeing of remote workers

Providing specific opportunities for employees who work from home to use mindfulness meditation apps, has a positive effect on team mindfulness and psychological safety, improving job performance, new research has found.


No WHS consultation required for vaccine mandate

Under WHS laws, no risk assessment was necessary and workers were not required to be consulted prior to the implementation of a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, a commission has found in a decision directly affecting 24 sacked workers.


Sleep medication: a slippery slope for shift workers

A new study has found shift work that involves working nights is significantly associated with sleep medication use, and identified an increasing prevalence of shift workers taking up these prescription-based hypnotics.


High Court injury test re-examined in dog walking case

An on-call worker who broke his leg while walking his dog was not injured in the course of his employment, a superior court has ruled, finding an earlier decision in the man's favour misapplied the High Court test for interval injuries.


Director failed to ensure PCBU met WHS duties

A PCBU and its director have been fined heavily for allowing unqualified, unlicensed and unrestrained workers to perform high-risk work, resulting in one of them suffering life-long injuries when he climbed a pile of materials and fell.

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